Diary of a Messy Lady

August 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I thought about this blog title for a little while. Apparently, what you call a blog is very, very important. That makes sense, I suppose, though I still wasn’t willing to shell out even the measly $17 a year for the domain name. I mean, maybe “Diary of a Messy Lady” isn’t a good blog name. … Meh. Whatever. I was thinking about “Notes from a Messy Girl” and “Domestically Challenged” as well. The feminist in me didn’t like referring to myself as a girl and the latter just seemed far too dry. So lady I am…and messy too. Hence the blog.

You see, I am domestically challenged, which doesn’t go at all well with my laissez-faire attitude toward putting things away. That’s why, at this moment, I have a pile of clean laundry in the living room that comes up to my knee and that’s also why, at this moment, there isn’t a pile of dirty laundry anywhere…unless you count my entire bedroom floor.

Perhaps I’m airing my dirty laundry a bit too literally. Whatevs. I want to start an experiment and I need something to keep me accountable–hence this blog. I shall post about my journey toward becoming a respectable housekeeper, as well as whatever else happens to catch my eye. Mostly, though, the housekeeping stuff. And I promise I’ll try to make it entertaining.

More on that later, once this blog is up and fully running.


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