I’d always wondered if this was going on

August 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Haven’t you always been distrustful of those travel shows that go into indigenous communities and show all the unfamiliar ways of life? Me too. I had also figured that any funny business could’ve only happened in the past. Surely nobody would be stupid enough to pull something like that now, when there will be plenty of other people–and the Internet–around to show that you’re lying.

Guess I was wrong.

A TV series about an Amazonian tribe has been slammed as ‘staged, false, fabricated and distorted’ by experts on the tribe.

Really, people? Really?!? Don’t you know you’ll get caught?

After interviewing two of the Indians in the series, Snell reported, ‘Our suspicions were correct. They [Mark and Olly] entered the village on a well traveled path and only veered a few feet off the path to film themselves ‘hacking their way through the jungle.’ They contracted someone to make new cushmas [cotton tunics] so everyone would be wearing one. They staged the whole drama about one of the guys being accepted and the other treated as a lazy outsider…


Via Survival International


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