Dirty girls, you say?

August 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

So the feminist Interwebs have recently been all up and about over Dirty Girls Ministries. The ministry’s definition of porn addiction is ridiculous, with many women seeking help to stop masturbating when they do it two times a week. As Feministe put it:

Masturbating twice a week or less? That is a problem. Lots of women clearly need more free time to spend alone with themselves.

I’ll never support a ministry, let alone a ministry that aims to make women feel dirty for being perfectly normal. However, did it occur to no one that the name “Dirty Girls Ministries” is in itself going to get people titillated? I dare you, double-dog dare you, to Google the phrase “dirty girls” at work. Hopefully, you’re too smart to do that, because you know what that will bring up.

And if it brings something up on Google, then it brings something up in your brain. (I know, you can find something dirty on Google no matter the search term, but I think the phrase “dirty girls” is ubiquitous enough that my point stands.)

Of course these women are confused! On the first part, they’re being told that their perfectly natural sexual desires are bad, dirty, and wrong; and then they’re invited to join a ministry whose very name plays on those same sexual desires! I know these conservative fundamentalists are all kinds of sexually screwed up, but goodness gracious! At least try to hide the fact that you’re attempting to drive these women insane by painting them both as virgins and whores.

Via Jezebel and Feministe


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