The Bathroom: Day 1

August 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

So I did my first work on the bathroom today. It’s been a particularly bad wrist day, plus I had to run around to work and to get my hair cut and to my parents, so I didn’t have time or much inclination to scrub the dried kitty litter off the toilet bowl. (Long story, involving an eight-year-old who doesn’t understand how kitty litter works.)

OK, so the wrist thing is kinda my fault since I spent a good portion of last night playing Airport Mania 2, but the rest of it is all perfectly valid and isn’t me making excuses at all!

Mayhaps I’m making excuses a little bit. But just a little! I really was very busy!

So, with putting away clothes from the Fold-con and cleaning the bathroom sink (See!? I did something!) I got seven XP. … Holy banana sandwich! I leveled up from that! Whoohoo!

Level 3
XP 88
Tidy 1
Clean 1
Organize 2
Next 135

Today’s level up sound effect is inspired by Dragon Age 2:


Battlemaster?!? Lame.


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