Have I mentioned that I hate shopping?

August 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I was out for an hour and 11 minutes. Here’s the breakdown of my time (I’m rounding normally):

– Seven minutes to drive to the store
– 20 minutes shopping and checking out
– Two minutes putting groceries in my car and putting the cart away

Then I decided to wash my car. The only problem was that, apparently, I didn’t know where any car washes were. I thought I did, but it was a do-it-yourself wash and I’m wearing jeans and sneakers with socks today. No can do on that one, Bubba. Also, I’m really lazy. So I wasted…

– 16 minutes looking for a car wash
– Eight minutes waiting in line when I finally found a car wash
– Five minutes to get my car washed
– 11 minutes to drive back home
– Three minutes to bring in the groceries and put the refrigerated ones away

Hey, that rounding got pretty durn close! It said an hour and 12 minutes. I’m not going to go with that number, though, just with the one 11. And like D&D, since I have to cut it in half, I’ll round down. 35 XP it is!

Level 3
XP 131
Tidy 1
Clean 1
Organize 2
Next 135

Gah! Just four points away!

You know, I think I learned three things today:

1. Just use the damn do-it-yourself car wash. Enjoy the sloppiness and change clothes when you get home. Your phone timer with thank you.
2. If the A/C is broken in your car, a car wash will not help cool down your interior.
3. Even being this close, I’m so worn out I don’t care that I only need to do four minutes of housework to catch up. Maybe later.


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