Would you buy a house with this toilet?

August 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, someday in the middle future, Brit and I are going to have to replace the toilet in the bathroom. This will probably take place during the same time frame as when we replace everything else in the bathroom.

We’ve already bought a sink, got it for $40 on sale at Home Depot, but no shower/tub or toilet yet.

So I was thinking today, what if we got a squat toilet? It’d sure be easier to clean. Plus, I really liked them when I was in Japan, and I would’ve liked them a lot more in Turkey if the ones I came across were cleaner. Like in Japan.

All in all, I really like the Turkish approach to the bathroom.

I couldn’t find an image of exactly what I mean, so this isn’t a Turkish bathroom. (And not a Turkish bathhouse either, though I could go for one of those as well.) See how the shower is almost completely open? Pretend that plate glass that you can barely see isn’t there at all. Yeah, like that. I liked having the shower be open to the entire bathroom. Have you heard of the weird people who brush their teeth in the shower? It would actually make sense in this set-up since you could stand at the sink while the conditioner works through your hair.

I’d just have to tile the entire fucking thing. That’d be a pain.

But ah, to never have to change another shower curtain ever again! Bliss!

Sadly, I don’t think the sink we got will work for that idea. [Cue sad musical overtones.] Also, speaking of shower curtains earlier, I need to head off to the store and do some shopping, including picking up a new shower curtain. [Sad music stops abruptly with a jarring clang.]

I despise shopping, so I’m giving myself XP for it; but it’s really easy, so I’m going to say it’s worth half XP.


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