No way this is suicide

September 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

This isn’t normally something I’d blog about, but it’s just so incredible that most anyone could look at the facts as we know them of this case and see that there’s something fishy going on.

So, the story is that Rebecca Zahau lived with her billionaire boyfriend, Jonah Shacknai, for a few years. One day, she’s watching his son when he has an accident and almost dies. She uses CPR to resuscitate him and the kid goes to the hospital. Two days later, she was found bruised, wrists tied, feet tied, gagged, and hanged over a balcony. And what do the cops do? They call that a suicide.

It gets better, though. Or worse. Really, it gets worse.

You see, on one of the bedroom doors there was a message written, “She Saved Him. Can He Save Her?” It seems there’s a big mystery over what this means. Zahau’s family says this wasn’t written by her, since it’s not her handwriting. And now it’s been painted over so no more analysis can be done.

You will also be interested to know that the Sheriff’s department found Zahau’s death to be very “violent” and “suspicious” until Shacknai hired a PR firm. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the video demonstrating how Zahau could’ve tied and gagged herself before throwing herself over the balcony came from the PR firm. I mean, really, who else could be so callous?

The coroner’s report also contains inconsistencies. You see, Zahau was found by Shacknai’s brother (who I’m going to assume is also named Shacknai and I will call Schakcnai2) and he cut her down, removed the gag and untied her wrists in an attempt to resuscitate her. Since this had happened, how could the coroner possibly say that the t-shirt around the noose was wrapped loosely or how loosely the ties on her wrists were?

When is Law & Order going to jump on this one?

Via Forbes and Jezebel



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  • Diego F. says:

    Sherrif Bill Gore needs to resign. This arrogant windmill is useless as a leader. Cared nothing about pain or suffering of families involved. Was more upset with media coverage. Do your job or retire. Retire please. Your times up. You are not effective. Major fail here Gore. And lay off the porno and booze maybe you can see things differently. Even then just gtfo. People are tired of your self serving crapola

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