More laundry!

September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

It really is infinite, isn’t it?

So day before yesterday I did about a full minute of laundry before falling into a coma-like sleep. Turns out that the best way to finish off a weekend of walking and walking and walking isn’t with an entire bottle of wine. That will absolutely kill your recovery day.

Knowing this, I was going to spend yesterday, my last day before going back to work, doing lots and lots of laundry. Yeeeeaaaahhhh… I got another three minutes of work done before having to go to work (yes, on my day off), meeting the kid after school, then hanging out with a friend and drinking another bottle of wine. I’m excusing this second bottle of wine because I have a new lady friend, which is a big deal for me, and it was bonding time. Like this:

Anywho, the points now stand thus:

Level 4
XP 142
Tidy 2
Clean 2
Organize 2
Next 190

I shall try my darndest to get another fold-a-thon going tonight. I could really use some XP.



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