Poked and zapped…for science!

September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

OK, not really for science. More for the health of my wrist.

So I had my appointment to get testing done on my wrist and see if we can find out why it’s hurting me so much. I lay down and the doctor puts some goo on some metal things and tapes them to my hand. Then he puts some good on a big metal fork and proceeds to shock me. I mean, really shock me…until I twiched!

OK, so most of them just tingled, but some of the shocks really hurt, OK? They made my whole arm jump.

So I suffered through that, horrific as it was. Then the doctor wanted to move on from testing my nerves with electricity to testing my muscles with needles. Now I have two facial piercings and somewhere around four or seven tattoos…and needles make me feel sick and sweaty and like I want to throw up. Don’t ask me why this is.

So he says that it isn’t bad, it’s like acupuncture. It actually went kind of like this…

*Picture gets wavy and fuzzy as I reminisce*

Me: Will it hurt?
Doctor: No. *stabs needle into me* It feels like that.

So it actually hurt significantly less than the shocks, but he wanted me to move my arm while I had a needle in it! I think I can now unilaterally declare all doctors crazy. Yep. If I’m going to have a needle in me, I’m going to hold as still as humanly possible while sweating and shaking. Yep.

So I have no fewer than three people at work who want to know the results of this test, because whatever is wrong with me must be what’s wrong with them too…but they’re all way too smart to let some sadistic* man shock and stab them.

*I may be speaking irrationally right there.



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