Multitude of housework – Part 2

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

So for the rest of the day…let’s see. I folded all the laundry and put it away (while watching season four of The Guild); I cleaned the toilet; and I vacuumed the living room. All of this took an hour and 12 minutes.

I learned something important today. If you’re ever in your storage room looking for your crappy vacuum and you happen to see another vacuum sitting there and you happen to decide to use it because no vacuum can suck more than yours (or less, since it’s a vacuum)…. If you ever find yourself in that situation, make sure that the vacuum bag is completely zipped up before turning it on or you might end up with some very pointy dust in your eye. Just sayin’.

I realized a bit after posting earlier today and I forgot to cut the XP in half for the shopping, but I also cooked an awesome dinner which I’m sure took longer to do than the 13 minutes it’d take me to pick up those missing XP, plus I didn’t count it in my time above, so I’m going to call it even.

Level 5
XP 249
Tidy 3
Clean 2
Organize 3
Next 250

Here’s how it went when I realized where I’m at:

Me: I went up two levels? No…wait… I’m one away from level six? Sigh.
Brit: That’s one minute of work?
Me: Yeah. Or two minutes of shopping.
Brit: I’ll give you the XP for a night of sex!
Me: Sigh.
Brit: …You know you want to level up…!
Me: Double sigh.
Brit: You’re recording this, aren’t you?

Anyway, today’s level-up sound effect is inspired by D&D…

Frank: Yay! We leveled up!
Don: OK everyone, that means you get a feat and an extra kazoo.


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