Dating in the 30’s

September 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wow, couldn’t have made it.

Let me count the ways I’d fail:

1. While I’m not in the habit of stealing handkerchiefs or wearing lipstick, this woman definitely looks like she has the right attitude.

2. I don’t sit like that lady, but I do love to perch. I have a feeling the 30’s would very much look down on me perching.

3. I’m a little confused, do I fail because I’m clumsy and careless and spill things a lot? Or do I fail because I like to talk while dancing? Or is the idea of this just general seriousness…in general…?

4. But embarrassing is fuuuun! Look at the joy she’s getting from that ear wiggle.

5. While I can agree that drinking so much that you pass out is definitely in poor taste, getting silly may be acceptable, depending on your company. In other words, if I’m you’re company, then getting silly is acceptable.

There are more at Alligator Sunglasses, though without my witty commentary.


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