Happy Pirate Day!

September 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today, September 19, be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Show no fear wit’ yer “Arrr”s an’ yer “Me hearty”s!

I be dressin’ like I be a pirate fer work terday, ye scurvy dogs! An’ I be endin’ all me sentences in exclamation points!

This mornin’, I be havin’ this conversation wit’ me progeny:

Me: Keelin, do you have any pirate clothes? It’s Pirate Day!
Keelin: NO! And none of the other kids will be dressed like pirates so I don’t want to.

After she be gettin’ out o’ her shower, she wandered in the office and saw the beginnin’s o’ me post.

Keelin: Wait, it’s really Pirate Day?
Me: Yeah, did you think I was making it up?
Keelin: Yeah.

Ah, she be learnin’ not ter always trust ‘er mother. Only took ‘er eight yaaaarrrs!

So get yerself in the spirit an’ dress an’ talk like ye be a pirate!


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