Some quick thoughts on age and faith

September 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

I recently came across an old personal blog I used to keep. I figured I might be able to reuse some posts or use them as inspiration for new ones. I originally wrote this in January, 2009, while living in Turkey.

I’ve been having an interesting e-mail conversation with my grandma about Obama and the separation between church and state. In one of my e-mails I mentioned that one-fifth of my generation (according to some poll or something I read once) are unbelievers. That made me think about my friends.

There are five people in our regular group. If we’re typical, then only one of us should be a nonbeliever and the other four should have faith of some sort. As it turns out, we have three atheists, a wiccan, and a lapsed Mormon. Granted, this isn’t a random sampling. Two of the atheists are married to each other, and we did learn about the third atheist’s lack of belief the first time we met him, so that may have colored our impression of him. However, I do know more that just four people my age. Let’s see…

Lapsed believer who’s been more and more atheistic since meeting us
Nonpracticing believer
Nonpracticing believer

The rest I just don’t know. I can say for certain that I’ve NEVER heard ANYONE of my generation that I’ve ever hung out since living in Turkey say they go to church (even if they said they do so very rarely).

Oh wait. Scratch that. I just remembered one unapologetic believer. I don’t recall him ever saying he went to church, but he and Robert loved to have heated drunken debates on the necessity of chaplains. He left a couple months ago. He was an awesome guy; I kinda miss him now that I’m thinking about it.

And the mention of chaplains brings around another point. This is the MILITARY. If I have a hard time finding practicing believers in the fucking military, then where the hell are they? I think I like where things are going.

This post made me think about my current group of friends, which is obviously a completely different group than in Turkey, and I realized that I don’t know for certain on most of my friends. I have one friend who goes to church regularly, and I think another friend may have started going with her but I haven’t really asked. I know a few of my friends are atheist or just don’t care…but beyond that I simply don’t know.

I think I kind of prefer this not knowing yet state. It will, at some point, give us something to talk about.


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  • Andie says:

    I got curious about this a while back and was looking at all my friends on Facebook who I consider to be somewhat close friends and who I really like, not just anybody I went to school with or who knows somebody I know. I think around 60% of them were non-religious, either atheist or agnostic/don’t care (this may be a bit generous but some of them I’m pretty damn sure they are even though they haven’t said so outright), and only like 12% straight-up said they were religious. The rest either were “spiritual” though not necessarily religious, or I couldn’t guess. I’m sure it would be easier to find out by actually asking but that’d probably be weird. :P

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