My, how fashion changes

September 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

While I still love the lolita look, I’ve moved a bit more toward the classic lolita as opposed to the goth or punk lolita that I used to love. Here’s a bit of an old post of mine I found from January, 2008:

I don’t dress like I’d like to dress. I’d like to wear pretty clothes. Punky clothes. Gothy clothes. Dressy clothes. Instead, I wear jeans and t-shirts. There is actually a reason for this.

You see, if I wore the short skirts and striped stockings, I’d be cold. At least, I’d be cold in the winter. That’s not my main concern though. My main concern really shines though when I think about how much I like the lolita look.

There’s more to lolita than just fashion. Many try to do an entire lolita lifestyle, which is basically a way of living that is completely opposite of me. Trying to be/look young is a main part of that, and that really figures into the fashion. I’m mostly drawn to the short, poofy skirts. The lace is pretty too. Oh and the ribbon. LOVE the ribbon! Many of the dresses are much too country for me, especially with classic and country lolita looks. I tend to prefer the gothic/punk lolita dresses. Like the one pictured.

HOWEVER, I’m so, so scared that I’ll end up turning 30 with nothing left in my closet but either lolita dresses or short little punk mini skirts… Things much to young and inappropriate. Or, even worse, I won’t realize that I no longer have the legs to pull them off and I’ll end up looking ridiculous. Like some aging woman trying desperately to hold on to her youth.

For the record, my ideal wardrobe would consist of short and/or poofy skirts to be worn with t-shirts and stockings and fun and funky tops that I could wear with jeans when it’s a bit colder out.

So while my fashion ideal has changed slightly, I notice that my fear of being old with little girl dresses hasn’t. And while I often got away with–nay, flaunted–shorter bottoms than I do now, that’s not something that I feel is appropriate for me anymore.

And yes, I still mostly wear jeans and t-shirts.

What’s your fashion like, how does it differ from your ideal fashion, and has your style changed any over the last few years?



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  • Andie says:

    My style has changed a lot in the last several years. I’m a lot more adventurous as far as trying stuff on that I’m not certain will look good. all I ever used to wear were t-shirts (not even well-fitting ones), hoodies, flared blue jeans, and sneakers or flip-flops, now I’m a lot more girly, I guess. I still don’t dress exactly the way I want because most of the really cute stuff is out of my price range (read: I’m a tightwad).

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